Avast products are highly considered when it comes to security. They consistently score high in independent tests, and can effectively neutralize a variety of threats. A string of unfortunate incidents has been a cause for some experts to question the credibility of the company.

The free version of avast’s avast antivirus provides basic malware removal and detection, plus real-time protection that runs silently in the background to shield you from known threats. The premium versions include a variety of bells and whistles such as the ability to sandbox suspicious files and a WiFi Inspector tool which scans your network.

Avast’s sleek interface allows you to easily access all the tools you require. The three tabs (Protection Privacy and Performance) let you run different virus scans, as well as disable or enable real-time protections. The settings menu also allows users to review quarantined files, modify your firewall configuration and even set up the Sandbox.

Sensitive Data Shield is another interesting feature. It aims to improve www.binghamtoninternationalblog.com/how-to-watch-hbo-max-outside-the-us your security by preventing hackers accessing sensitive documents stored on your computer. It did not detect anything in our tests, however it could be helpful for users who wish to take extra security measures.

All paid plans offered by Avast come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Business and enterprise users have the option of purchasing additional features that increase the number of devices secured. This includes a secure browser or rescue disk, data breach monitoring and optimization tools for systems.

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