The iPhone costs quite a bit however Apple makes up for that by including a ton of built-in security features. The iPhone’s sandboxed applications as well as the strict policy of distribution of software and a judicious kill switch makes it nearly impossible for viruses to penetrate iOS devices. Even the most secure platforms are susceptible to hacking and iPhone users are not immune to malware. You could be suffering from a virus if your iPhone freezes frequently, launches apps you didn’t download, or behaves in a strange manner. Here’s the best antivirus available for iphone that can assist you to clean up and safeguard your phone.

Despite its misleading name, Norton 360 is actually an advanced antivirus application for iPhones and iPads. It provides multiple layers including SMS security tools to weed out spam messages, device protection to patch weaknesses in your iPhone and iPad, dark web monitoring for leaks of personal data and a VPN that allows you to encrypt internet connections. It’s free for download, however, more advanced functions such as the ability to monitor all connected devices in real-time require an annual subscription.

Lookout is a powerful iPhone antivirus that has an easy-to use interface. It’s ideal for beginners. The app includes an identity scanner which detects the possibility of threats and offers numerous other features, like a device locator that allows you to locate your iPhone or iPad in case it’s lost or stolen, parental controls to restrict screen time for your children and a password manager that keeps all your important login information safe and secure.

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