Antivirus software is essential to protect your PC from malware, identity theft and other cyber threats. These can compromise your privacy and slow down your PC and even steal your personal data. Finding the best antivirus software for windows means finding one that’s efficient and vpn on android user-friendly, and doesn’t tax your system resources.

The majority of computers today come with Microsoft’s built-in Windows Defender. It’s simple to use and free, however it’s not as efficient as a dedicated antivirus program. The best antivirus software for windows offers a wide range of features that will keep you safe from latest malware attacks. It also scans email attachments and websites for security threats.

These programs are lightweight on your system, which means you can work on your PC without worry even when they are running. Find a money back guarantee and free trials to try out the software before you buy.

Norton 360 with LifeLock is a top choice as it continues to enhance its long-standing status as a reliable antivirus solution for Windows computers. It also includes additional features like computer maintenance and online backup that make it a great option for those who need more than just antivirus protection. It is available in a variety of tiers, including a plan that comes with identity theft protection as well as 250GB of cloud storage.

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