Bitdefender is the most well-known security software for computers on the planet. Its cutting edge malware diagnosis is often ranked as the best in self-sufficient tests. The program is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that includes many useful features that are easily accessible by using an alexa plug-in, or by pressing a button. It protects against viruses, earthworms, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, and a variety of other threats. Its real-time protection comes with an effective scanner that can detect dangerous files and block them before they cause any kind of problem.

Its antivirus suite is a combination of the use of signatures with machine learning to get one of the highest detection rates. It also includes a great web browser, a quick VPN and a complete system tune-up. It also includes a built/in password director and privacy monitoring that helps you keep track of the latest data breaches.

In my tests, the spam filter of Bitdefender falsely flagged less that 1 percent of legitimate email as spam. Its ransomware defense is equally robust, with a useful alert that informs you when it detects any suspicious activity on your device.

But, it’s important to be aware that Bitdefender isn’t the only software application on the market. While it’s a great set of tools, advanced users might want more advanced features for fine-tuning.

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