Board members represent the interests and values of their organizations on a permanent, full-time basis. They often sacrifice their sleep and their personal lives to provide their expertise and resources continuously without receiving a salary. This is why it is so important to thank them. Here are a few of our favorite board appreciation ideas that will bring a smile to their faces!

Gifts for Executives: Executive-themed gifts that are high-end are the ideal way to show your appreciation for board members. Unique and useful gifts are always appreciated, whether for a holiday or retirement present.

Special Achievements: Boards are charged with large tasks. When they achieve these huge goals, be it preparing and monitoring the annual budget, or making decisions and implementing a strategic plan, it’s crucial to acknowledge their efforts. This can be accomplished by highlighting their accomplishments in your newsletter and social media.

Recognizing their Contributions: Nonprofits might be able to show gratitude to board members by constructing “tribute walls” in their offices, with photographs, quotes and memorable moments of long-term members. This is an excellent way to show appreciation for their contributions over time and is particularly significant when they leave after long periods of service.

Nonprofits can also choose to publicly acknowledge their board members via social media or by writing a letter in the local paper. This is a great method to give your board members the recognition they deserve that site and can also draw attention to the fantastic work your organization is doing in your community.

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