A successful board meeting depends on several elements. Those include an informed, effective and uncomplicated team. However, planning and running board meetings can be a complicated job that can consume lots of time. Things like chasing down convenient dates for board meetings or distributing board materials can be cumbersome especially for directors who work remotely.

There are digital tools that can simplify complex tasks. Most of them are free. Board management software has become an important tool to coordinate and conduct productive board meetings. These software applications facilitate collaboration, recording and disseminating board materials, and help keep board members safe from oversights by making process of preparing for and participating in board meetings as simple as it is.

While most of these digital tools are centered on collaborative whiteboards and other features, a few are more sophisticated. Mural and Miro for instance, are popular online whiteboards which can be used both for one-on-one sessions as well as large-scale workshops or conferences. Both offer a range of workshops and meeting templates that can assist with planning, design and brainstorming.

Stormboard is a whiteboard that can be used collaboratively which offers a more specialized solution for brainstorming and planning. It has a similar interface to sticky notes, users can drop notes and index cards filled with text images, videos or links into various sections of the Stormboard canvas. Stormboard integrates with many other applications, and offers options like a text chat or voting system, as well assignments. The tool is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


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