Board management software (also referred to as board portals) lets administrators better manage corporate meetings. It helps reduce meeting preparation time by removing the need to print, assemble and distribute physical copies of documents and materials. Board meeting software allows for any last-minute updates to the agenda or documents to be made swiftly and quickly. This reduces the time and effort, and makes the entire process much more efficient.

When choosing a solution for software to aid in governance of boards it is important to consider the way it fits with your company’s digital transformation strategy. If everyone is aware that the new software is meant to improve existing processes, instead of replacing them using outdated technology, then gaining their acceptance is easier and the transition will be less stressful.

Once you’ve determined your business’s requirements for the most effective board portal tools and tools, it’s time to begin comparing options. While doing so, be sure to take into consideration what features are essential and what are desirable to have. This will help you narrow your options and help you choose a product that will provide the most value for budget.

Nasdaq Boardvantage, a leading board management software, helps streamline corporate meetings to improve governance and communication between committees and boards. The platform’s intuitive interfaces and robust safety help directors and executive teams to work together more efficiently and productively. The software includes features like calendar management, document storage and meeting minutes. It also includes an online directory of members.

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