If you’re planning to create an online archive or facilitate the creation of documents every day, a solid document management system can streamline processes and help you manage your files efficiently. The best DMS will be based on your specific business requirements. Before you pick a platform, think about the features that matter to you.

Find a document management platform that is compatible with your file formats, and has multiple uploading options including cloud storage and uploads via the web. It’s also important to find a solution that is scalable enough to accommodate your team as it grows. Find a solution by registering for a free trial, and an integrated search feature that is streamlined for easy navigation.

The top three most effective document management software are eFileCabinet It is a powerful cloud-based application for remote teams. Its desktop application and mobile app keep employees connected to the central application regardless of where they’re working and its eDiscovery feature allows users to access documents to review and redact. Rubex is a second alternative that combines document management with artificial intelligence for automated categorization. This tool organizes files automatically according to the content and names. It’s a life-saver for busy departments such as accounting or human resources that deal with a large volume of documents daily.

Consider a solution that has an affordable pricing structure which can accommodate your budget and growth needs. For instance, isoTracker has several pricing levels, and a simple interface that allows you to compare prices, including the cost per user and storage before contacting an agent. The platform is designed for mid-sized to large-sized businesses and has powerful collaboration tools.


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