Coupons: How To Find The Best Deals

Coupons can assist consumers in saving money on products and services they use regularly. While there are some advantages to using them, it’s also important to be aware of their potential drawbacks.

Coupons are an excellent method of attracting new customers, especially if you’re limited in the period for a sale or new launch of a product. Coupons are an excellent way for consumers to test your product at a low cost and become loyal customers. But there are some drawbacks with coupons that could affect the value of your brand and result in high customer churn.

Offering a gift for free with a purchase will boost the average order size, and move slow-moving stock. However, you must be aware of your margins and the number of items you need to achieve your minimum revenue goal before making this type of promotion.

To create a Coupon, navigate to a specific item on Shopify and click on the Coupons tab. You can filter the coupons by active pricing plans, and then view a list of all coupons available for that particular product. To download a CSV of all coupons for that product, click the Generate CSV button. Then, you can open this file in any spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.


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