Online collaboration in complex business is the practice of bringing together team members from different locations to collaborate on projects. It’s an essential aspect of business that allows teams from different locations to communicate and keep businesses agile. It fosters the imagination and provides new perspectives that would otherwise be locked away inside the company.

Many online tools are available to collaborate, including instant messaging apps as well as video conference calls and email. But, it’s important to choose the right tool that will meet every need of your team. It should allow both analogue (where messages do not need immediate replies) and the synchronous (when it’s necessary to respond immediately) communication.

The tool’s ability to create task lists is a different aspect to think about. Team leaders must have an overview of all project deliverables, tasks and the ability to monitor their time. This information can then be automated so that, if an individual is not meeting deadlines or a task is slipping behind the team leader is notified an alert to address it.

Additionally, the tool should be able to support all of the formats that your team uses. This will ensure that everyone can access the identical version of documents and eliminates confusion between versions. Make a list of the features you are looking for in the form of a collaboration tool online with your team. Ask them to rank the features in order of importance, so that they can help narrow your choices.

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