After an extremely turbulent 2022 in terms of technology investments and talent 2024 has seen a revival in enthusiasm for technology’s capability to catalyze growth and solve some of the biggest challenges. While a lot of last year’s 14 tech trends are still at the top ten, generative AI has made a bold entrance into the conversation thanks to its powerful and promising potential for transforming impact.

We’ve also seen a rise in interest in emerging technologies that are in their formative stages but could accelerate growth and improve productivity. These include digital platforms, which are reshaping established business models by offering new ways for people to connect and exchange value as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) which is creating an interconnected network of devices able to track and understand human behavior and cloud computing which is revolutionizing how businesses implement and utilize applications.

Edge AI is another hot trend due to its ability to allow AI/ML systems to analyze data and take action without sending that information to the cloud. This allows autonomous vehicles to react in a blink of an eye and security cameras to detect suspicious activities instantly.

Furthermore sustainability technology is growing in popularity as businesses and individuals seek to achieve the goal of net-zero and invest in technologies that can reduce the environmental footprint. This includes the use of green energy and sustainable materials as well as processes, and utilizing technologies to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions.

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