Some things are only possible by using a VPN. This includes bypassing regional restrictions, for example China’s Great Firewall, or unlocking content that isn’t accessible in the country you are. VPNs do this by redirecting your internet connection through a network of servers, which encrypts it in the process, obscuring where you’re located and making it more difficult for anyone else to discover your identity or location.

Some VPNs offer a range of features that help secure your privacy and ensure your security. Some of these features include a kill button, the capability to select your own encryption protocols, and a strict policy that does not keep any logs. Some add additional tools such as a password manager secure file storage, as well as remote access options. These kinds of features can be extremely beneficial for journalists, activists and other individuals who require to protect their data on the move.

It can be difficult to choose the best VPN service especially when there are numerous options. Some of the top-rated options include ExpressVPN that offers a broad variety of features that can be used for all kinds of needs. Its outstanding streaming capabilities mean it can easily unblock services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It also comes with a variety of other security-related features like camouflage mode, NoBorders, and CleanWeb to ensure your data is secured.

Surfshark is another highly-rated alternative. It has the highest speeds in our tests and it is compatible with all devices. Its low cost and extensive list of features are appealing. It includes RAM-only servers as well as NoBorders mode. It also includes a secure chat application, along with a variety of other security tools.

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