Only 21% of all the hands dealt are winning hands and this is a fact. The other 79% are pretty much losers. The reason there is a difference between losers and winners is because the winner knows what to do with 79% of the hands dealt.

If you want to increase your chances of making money and winning at video poker, promise loyalty and embrace the following tips.

Select a machine that gives a payment of 6 for flush wins and nine for full house wins.

A progressive machine would pay five for a flush win and eight for a full house win and if you would rather play with one of these then make sure that the quarter machine offers to pay at least $2,500 or at least 10000 dollars on a dollar video poker machine, and the nickel machine offers to pay a jackpot of at least 250 dollars.
You must remember to bet on the maximum coins to collect royal flush bonus from a progressive machine.

If you are new at playing, it is recommended that you play with the least denomination on the machine. You can play with higher denomination once you get better at video poker.

To get playing credit, use the slot card, if he casino has such arrangements. First you must find out each dollar’s point equivalent. Then you must find out the worth of those earned points.

Read every hand that you get patiently. As your opponent is not another person, you are not going to be pressed for time, so you can play as slowly as you want.

A common mistake is that people think that the ace is the most vital card. But it is actually the jack that is the most vital. It is more lucratively advantageous than the ace.

There are an endless number of video pokers you could play. But each has its own specific strategy. If you still in the learning stages, restrict your choice to two.

Play a portable video poker game or on the computer to improve your skills at it. There are zero risks involved in testing your skills.

Here are some tips for playing:

1. If you hold your pair with a kicker, your payoff reduces by 5%.
2. If it is possible for you to draw three and achieve a royal flush, avoid drawing four cards.
3. Except while drawing a one card royal flush, stay on a five card hand that is winning.
4. Do not ever draw one and try for the straight flush by breaking a flush.
5. Break your flush only to draw royal flush.
6. Never draw the straight flush by breaking your straight.
7. If you are holding a jack or something better, avoid drawing five.
8. Never leave a four or a ten card draw.

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